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Lacomme Yoga Leggings

Lacomme Yoga Leggings

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Prioritize a healthy and active lifestyle with our High-Rise Wide Waistband Yoga Leggings. These leggings are designed to offer comfort and flexibility, underlining the significance of regular physical activity and overall well-being. With a commitment to staying active and balanced, these yoga leggings combine style and functionality. The high-rise waistband ensures a secure and flattering fit, making them an ideal choice for yoga, Pilates, or any workout. These leggings are a dependable choice for those who value their fitness and seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4: length 33 in, waist 19 in, hip 25 in, inseam 24 in

6: length 34 in, waist 21 in, hip 27 in, inseam 25 in

8: length 35 in, waist 22 in, hip 28 in, inseam 25 in

10: length 35 in, waist 24 in, hip 30 in, inseam 26 in

12: length 36 in, waist 25 in, hip 32 in, inseam 26 in

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